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Sangha: Spreading Positivity One Message at a Time

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The App

Be the Change You Want to Be

Join the worldwide revolution and make the world a better palce 

"We are all connected to each other, biologically to the Earth, chemically to the rest of the Universe, atomically we are not figuratively, but literally stardust." - Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Let's make the world a kinder and better place by sending and receiving daily afferimations.


The Anti-Social Media App

Tired of the trolls, doom scrolling and overall negativity traditional social media app offer.  Be the change you want to be by spreading positivity.


Send and receive positive affirmations or motivational messages to a random person in the world.  By putting positivity out into the universe, you are making a positive change. 

No Trolls!

Like two ships passing in the night, you will have a positive, ethereal interactions with a stranger.  Even if you happen to run into a troll, you will never have to interact with them again and moreover you have the power to not only warn others but limit their ability to troll others.

No Doom Scrolling or Engagement Algorithms 

Unlike traditional social media app who want to monetize your attention, Sangh App only ask for a few minutes of your time per day to send a positive message.  And to receive the good will a stranger has sent to you, then have a wonderful day.   

How the App Works


Receive Daily Messages

Receive a daily affirmation or motivational message at least once a day. 

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Send a Positive Message to a Random User

After revering your message(s), pass on the good will and send a message(s) to other random people all over the world.

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